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Teaching & Outreach

In my military career, teaching and mentoring were rooted in trust, ensuring the best for every soldier. As an Army Sergeant, I honed my communication skills, mentoring individuals from diverse backgrounds, nurturing their potential to shape the future of military leadership. As an academic, I apply these skills to guide the next generation of engineers. My aim is to prepare them for scientific challenges, all while considering the societal impact of their work. I always strive to create inclusive environments founded upon trust and respect, model critical thinking and problem-solving, and employ team-based learning to foster collaboration, communication, and leadership. 


I have enjoyed my experiences as both a teaching assistant and guest lecturer at Texas State University, University of Michigan, and Stanford University. In particular, I strive to create course material that is engaging and inclusive for underrepresented minorities (URMs), with the goal of encouraging more URM students to learn and explore potential paths in STEM. 

Teaching Assistant Positions

University of Michigan

General Chemistry Laboratory, CHEM 125, Fall 2015

General Chemistry Laboratory, CHEM 125, Spring 2016


Texas State University

General Chemistry Laboratory, CHEM 1341, Spring 2013

Guest Lectures

Stanford University

Biomaterials Techniques (MATSCI 81N), Spring 2023

Biomaterials for Gene Therapy (MATSCI 81N), Spring 2023

Introduction to Protein-Engineered Biomaterials (MATSCI 381), Spring 2022

Introduction to Protein-Engineered Biomaterials (MATSCI 381), Spring 2021


I have been fortunate to mentor several amazing PhD students, masters students, and undergraduates throughout my academic career. Here are some of their amazing accomplishments!


Narelli de Paiva Narciso wins a distinguished poster award at ACS Fall 2023!


Giselle Aviles Rodriguez is selected for a talk at the Bay Area Regenerative Medicine Conference.


Miriam Trigo is awarded Best Overall Poster Presentation at the 2022 SHPE Engineering Symposium!


Isabelle Hong presents her summer internship work as part of the Foothill Science Learning Institute Program.


Partnerships for Research and Education in Materials

The Partnerships for Research and Education in Materials (PREM) program is an initiative by the National Science Foundation aimed at fostering diversity in materials research and education. PREM encourages the establishment of enduring collaborations between minority-serving colleges and universities and the NSF Division of Materials Research (DMR)-supported centers and facilities. I participated in the PREM program as a graduate student. Now as a postdoc, I am involved in outreach efforts aimed at engaging with current trainees in the PREM program.


Stanford Latinx Postdoc Association

The Stanford Latinx Postdoc Association (SLPA) strives to improve, enhance, and enrich the Latinx postdoctoral experience at Stanford. As a board member, I participate in community building, professional development, and networking events to support the presence and growth of the Latinx community in higher education.


Science Learning Institute

The Science Learning Institute (SLI) at Foothill College is committed to providing a solid STEM foundation for its students. I have served as a research mentor for two fantastic Foothill College students through the SLI internship program, providing them with hands-on project experience in the lab. Additionally, I participate in panel discussions and outreach events hosted by SLI to increase STEM engagement with community college students.

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